A quick walk through the process of meeting girls!

As men talk about girls, they feel happy and delighted. However, dating is an enthralling act that revolves around many challenges and complications. Young men with “nil” girlfriends tend to consider dating as a daunting experience. This is because the process revolves around many “where’s”, “hows”, “when’s” and “whys”.

Finding a girl!

You will find young, hot girls in exotic places like parks, coffee shops and social outlets. As you identify a perfect partner, you should be ready to flirt! Newbies must not find “hot” girls from crowded places like bars and clubs. This is because you will be forced to undergo intense competitions.

Grabbing HER attention

Moving on, you must grab their attention. Use your talent, while luring girls. Personally, I believe that every other guy has a special talent. However, very few have harnessed this hidden talent. Men, who use their talents wisely, will have the wit to maintain a steady relationship.

Maintain a girl’s attention and trust

As you grab a girl’s attention, you should maintain the bond. The process of maintaining a woman’s attention and trust is easy said than done! Attention is regarded as an integral part of the dating process. If a girl is interested in you, don’t miss her for some “crazy” reason.

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How to become Mr. Speedster in No time?

Do you wish to bag a woman in few short minutes? However, do you want some handy tips for a better love experience? If yes, this article is for you! I have identified few interesting points that would energize your dates. Conversely, read on and learn to become a “Mr. Speedster”.

Your original nature!

If you want a cute little girlfriend, you must be yourself. Men, who try to imitate Brad Pitt and Johnny Deep, would fail miserably. Thus, you should learn to treasure your innermost skills and abilities for a better tomorrow. To be more precise, men who maintain their originality will be admired by the town’s finest girls.

A great smell

Secondly, you should smell amazing. Have a great bath and try to smell good, before your date. Also, carry a cologne with you. Irrespective of where you go, be subtle with your preparations. Personally, I admire guys who wear Cool Water by Davidoff. The perfume is formulated to ooze the hearts and minds of women.

A memorable act!

Thirdly, you should be a true gentleman. Master your good manners and act wisely at all times. For instance, be prepared to open doors and pull chairs when you are with her. Sometimes, it is wise to buy a beautiful red rose for you girlfriend. I am sure; she would remember this act forever.

Being sexy and confident

Fourthly, you must be very bold! Women consider confidence as a sexy trait. As you make plans, learn to deliver them in style! Speak with confidence and don’t brag about yourself. Act like a man with masculine features.

An amazing love story

Finally, you should give your girlfriend lots of space. Never act aggressive or downhearted. Instead, you must show some respect and care towards your girlfriend. As you follow these tips, you will definitely convert your date into an amazing love story.

Lastly, if you think you can be both friends and lovers with a woman, you are SO WRONG! For a woman, being lovers and friends are two completely different things. One can lead to the other, but it is very rare. If you want to get romantic with a woman, never start from the friend zone!

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How To Lure Women During Your BIG Thirties?

Are you running through your big thirties? Do you wish to rejuvenate new life into your dating experience? Or are you hunting for ways, which would delight your date? If yes, feel lucky! I have great news for you. In this modern era, playboys and pick up artists have framed four interesting tips for “elderly” newbies. These tips will enrich your skills on “How to attract women?”

Desires and traits!

Before you start dating, you must be aware of your desires. A lot of men wander about without any discreet choices. In such cases, you may not enter into a serious bond. Thus, learn to understand your priorities and intentions in life. As you acquire a sturdy answer to this question, a lot of things could happen. Check if you want a girlfriend, with the following traits:

1) Do you want a girl, with flexible features and needs?
2) Do you admire girls, who are self reliant and true givers? Nevertheless, the process of finding girls with “genuine” intentions would be remarkably difficult.
3) Moving on, do you want a girl with lots of self esteem? You should be very careful when you play with hard headed women.
4) Finally, do you want a girl with mysterious talents and skills? Sometimes, women tend to hide “heart breaking” secrets with their cuteness.

A sturdy comfort zone

It is quite interesting to note that, nobody talks about the comfort zone of women. Are you concerned if your girl is happy or not? I hear this from many men – “I love her, she is ought to love me back”! Well, this is a self-centered statement that suppresses the feelings portrayed by women. As an elderly man, with lots of experience and patience, you must not force your girl. Instead, find answers to the following questions:

1) Does your girl love jokes?
2) Does your girl seek attention and absolute limelight?
3) Is your girl a drama queen or a humble diva?

The time machine!

Thirdly, if you know how to treat girls, you will definitely know how to attract women! Young guys with a friendly heart will know how to make women fall for them. I am quite sure that you have loved women before. Check if they loved you back! If yes, it’s time to go on a time machine. Men in their thirties must learn to relax and imagine. You must think and feel like a young guy, with wild fantasies. Nevertheless don’t forget the following tips:

1) Your date is not your best friend or loyal pooch!
2) Your girlfriend would comprise of personalized needs and wants.
3) Be kind and polite to your girl! However, don’t lose your dignity or pride.

A sensible move towards more love

Most women dream of dating a gentleman, with sensible thoughts. A gentleman is a person who has the “I don’t need you, you want me” attitude. Women tend to appreciate this notion. Hence, when you are in your early thirties, try to sprinkle more life into this attitude.

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How To Get A Girlfriend, The Easy Way?

A lot of guys wish to know “How to get a girlfriend”, while few others tend to focus on casual sex. Everyone would have the desire to experience the joy in dating. Personally, I don’t consider this as a crime or sin. This is because the world is an ecological place that owes to suffice the needs and desires of men!

The power of long term relationships

It is quite interesting to note that lots of guys are successful in attracting women. Some of these bonds have evolved into long term relationships. In this article, I wish to give you a brief insight into the strategies followed by these love stories.

Two interesting steps!

Generally, guys can get hold of girlfriends in two different ways.

1) Initially, guys could find, please and attract women into a relationship
2) Secondly, guys could hug, kiss, caress and seduce women into a bond.

Each of these relationships are filled with many unforeseen pros and cons. The first kind involves lots of love and care. If a guy does not know how to lure women, he many not succeed. Shy guys have a sheer chance with the foremost methods. The second method may not work for everyone. For instance, the act of seducing a hard headed girl is close to impossible.

A swift process!

Moving on, I have figured out few steps that would speed-up the entire process. Before we move into the actual process, check if you are ready to talk. Also, fine tune your patience and waiting skills.

1) Initially, you must be aware of your needs and wants. Never approach a girl, if you don’t have a discreet purpose. Conversely, you should draft your intentions with some meaning.
2) Secondly, you must be socially proved! Social proof is the process of determining how a person should act. If you see a new girl, use your social skills to change your way of approach.
3) Finally, you should learn to take up challenges. Women admire guys with an energetic and adventurous spirit. If you are not ready to compete with other guys, trust me, you will be rejected in NO TIME! On the other hand, girls will admire you secretly, when you defeat others for them.

As you talk to your dream girl, try to get hold of her number. Talk to her at all times and make her feel special. Of course, it is quite evident that guys would prefer spending more time with their girlfriends!

A great love story

Likewise, you must search through the internet and figure out “modern” strategies for a better dating experience. The internet is filled with many interesting tips on “How” and “When” you should approach girls. Conversely, you must learn to take complete control of the situation. If your girl is a “real professional”, you must be happy to frame a love story with her.

Bottom line

Dating is an interesting process that involves lots of challenges and hidden facets! Thus, you must learn to master the technique for a better love-experience.

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